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Information - Zoey Monroe Fucks and Swallows and Wants More

Zoey Monroe Fucks and Swallows and Wants More
31:18 min
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  • IronFan :Fucked mouth, feet, pussy - great. Dancing - take it or leave it.

    • January 2 at 2:25pm •

  • holladay :I personally love the dancing bits. The way the girl's bodies move is hypnotizing!

    • July 3 at 9:53pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :Cool. Thanks for the feedback. I won't have the ladies dance every time, but I do enjoy seeing a woman move. Much more interesting than a bunch of lackluster questions.

    • June 18 at 6:54pm •

  • JohnnyGetsOff2This :Hahah. No your voice doesn't ruin it. I meann I dunno what everyone else thinks but I find the voice-dialogue enjoyable, sometimes pretty funny. I think a minute or 2 of dancing's hot but personally I don't prefer more then that, think sooner-the-better for the BJ footage. & wow- Yes, Zoey's friggin awesome. Both scenes were outstanding... hard to choose. I'll go with scene 2 probably due to the anticipation of seeing the 2 of you work together again.

    • June 18 at 11:36am •

  • Iron_Brandon :Let me know if you guys want me to shoot more or less of the dancing stuff. Personally, I'm into it. I like seeing a woman move and it beats my stupid voice ruining everything. Let me know if you have any thoughts one way or the other. Thanks.

    • June 15 at 9:14am •

  • Iron_Brandon :Feel free to rate this scene or her first appearance at loadmymouth. See which one you think is better.

    • June 15 at 3:52am •

  • Iron_Brandon :You said it! Zoey's a perfect blonde piece of candy.

    • June 15 at 3:51am •

  • cunilingus :This girls have a great future! Her theese and her feet are perfect!

    • June 14 at 11:30am •

  • Iron_Brandon :Happy to have had a return visit from Zoey Monroe.

    • June 14 at 12:56am •