Video - Slutty chick sucks her man's friends.   Exclusive

Information - Slutty chick sucks her man's friends.

Slutty chick sucks her man's friends.
11:42 min
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  • shooter5 :I was thinking the same thing when I saw this, that guy sounds backed up lol. I've been there a few times. Thats what happens when you're busy and haven't ejaculated for a day or two. The balls need relief, badly. You just hope the poor girl can handle the load you're about to blast her with lol.

    • September 27 at 4:13pm •

  • jack38 :Damn how backed up was that first guy. They way he said, "oh fuck" right before he blasted her I knew it would be a big load, but not that big. I counted nine spurts to her face. The first two sealed her left right eye and the rest covered her face, mouth, hair, and left eye. He soaks her good and must have got some good relief for his balls. The other two add their jizz and she is plastered in the end.

    • October 31 at 7:20pm •