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Information - Valerie Sucks Some Hard Cock In This Deep Throat Series!

Valerie Sucks Some Hard Cock In This Deep Throat Series!
09:54 min
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  • bigshooter :Always great to see the amazing North give a newbie her first facial. Her reaction is great and she is in total awe. North owned her here lol. Her expression of amazement is priceless after she sees what flew over her head and she stares back at his penis with jizz still dripping and her face covered in his jizz lol.

    • April 11 at 10:38am •

  • loadlover69 :Peter, let me take that load!

    • July 25 at 7:10am •

  • shooter5 :Lol being a big shooter like North I've seen that reaction a few times. When she's complaining about how much got on her face I point to what flew over her head and they are truly impressed lol. Most women aren't used to seeing a man ejaculate like that. Some get overwhelmed so I often joke and tell them thats how a real man blows a load lol. The usually laugh and agree lol.

    • April 12 at 2:34am •

  • jack38 :Nice Bj scene for Valerie and a great facial from North. He covers her face with 8 big spurts of jizz with the first few flying over her head and getting in her hair. Her reaction when he points out that some of his jizz flew over her head is great. She says, 'Whoa thats cool' and has a look of amazment on her face. This is her first scene and being a newbie she hasn't seen a man ejaculate like that before lol. She'll remember this facial for sure.

    • February 7 at 8:09pm •

  • lordvalefar :this girl is gorgeous!

    • February 3 at 8:51am •