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Information - Riley Reece - Tattooed Temptress Sucks Him In

Riley Reece - Tattooed Temptress Sucks Him In
20:46 min
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  • Iron_Brandon :Thanks for the info, Boris. Yes, I own the content and you're right. That might be a great way for people who have not seen the glory days to experience them. So many great girls were in the business back then. Not to take anything away from today's ladies but it was a cool time to be in porn circa 2004-2008.

    • August 4 at 8:40am •

  • BorisBoombastic :Yep... I know... Why you think Bangbros have a special 1080 remastered section ;)? It's a time consuming process, but some scenes are worthwhile doing so. Their older stuff (2003-2009) is more interesting than what they put out now. It used to be girls that act like girls, not living blow up dolls... I don't know if you have all the copyrights to your work, but I can imagine that there are scenes worth remastering (Monica Sweetheart, Sabina Black, Lucie, Juicy Pearl just to name a few...).

    • August 4 at 6:43am •

  • Iron_Brandon :Yikes....didn't like what I read in part 2. Might be a lot of work involved.

    • August 3 at 3:48pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :Thanks, Boris. Read the first message.

    • August 3 at 3:48pm •

  • BorisBoombastic :... If you still have the high grade data files on your hard drive and your original EDL (aka editing decision list) you can convert/create new high grade files that will be as big as 800mb 1.2 Gb with higest quality selected in output. If you don't have the above available on you hard drive anymore, you're in trouble... and have to upload your data from your DV cassettes all over again and do the editing again, there is no other way to achieve higest quality

    • August 3 at 8:35am •

  • BorisBoombastic :Hi Brandon, there is no such thing as upconverting. I hope I can explain this in just a few sentences... Your original material is probably in (HD)DV. Normal DV is already high quality but in the old day it used to be downgraded (aka converted) to 640x480 or even lower in order to get smaller files (between 80 and 300mb). Now since internet bandwidth is no problem anymore HD video of 1.2 Gb or bigger to download takes only a few minutes. Now here comes the trick... see second message...

    • August 3 at 8:26am •

  • Iron_Brandon :You're right, Timmee. I've seen other networks re-release older content in full HD. I do my own editing now and should look into how to do this. I'm not sure how to upconvert so the output is in full HD. I use FinalCutExpress on a Mac. If anyone knows how to do this, please e-mail me at Thank you!

    • August 2 at 6:49am •

  • Timmee :Wow - what a hot scene - thank you! By the way, have you ever thought about remastering older scenes to HD quality if possible? That would be amazing. Thank you for your work!

    • August 1 at 12:21pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :Enjoy Riley in one of her earliest scenes! Keep going!

    • August 1 at 2:06am •