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Information - Rihanna Samuel's Hardcore Oral Fixation

Rihanna Samuel's Hardcore Oral Fixation
26:23 min
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  • SEKYG :Brandon, lets get some videos of Rihanna.

    • March 31 at 10:00pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :Zexx: Sorry, I have not put Debi's scene on any dvd release. It's just sitting in a box.

    • September 2 at 3:47pm •

  • Zexx :Is there another way to see the Debi Diamond scene?

    • August 30 at 6:08pm •

  • lukas :Yeah, i miss that also... what happen with that Brandon?

    I would cream my pants in a second if i would see Jessica Rox receiving a sloppy deepthroat, choking and gagging on Brandon's meat.

    • August 30 at 12:33pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :I enjoy stronger scenes, too, but I don't think the network wants content like that. The Debi Diamond update was too strong for them and it was removed. I don't want to push the boundaries here. There may be a place for content like that elsewhere.

    • August 30 at 8:05am •

  • Zexx :Oh man, I would pay a lot of money just to blow a fat load of cum in her mouth. She's hot.

    I have a question Brandon, why did you stop with the deepthroat/gag stuff in loadmymouth? I really enjoyed those moments in the old scenes, it's so hot. I understand if the model doesn't want to, but now rarely see that. Before it was common. Thanks

    • August 30 at 1:57am •

  • Iron_Brandon :I LOVE Rihanna Samuel.

    • August 26 at 10:02pm •