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Cute young brunette
16:38 min
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  • Beth :I'd happily trade places with her.

    • February 18 at 3:13pm •

  • MrSquirt :Slut gets it good all over her whore face.

    • July 8 at 1:31am •

  • MrSquirt :You made a mess you filthy slut now lick it up.

    • July 7 at 10:46pm •

  • MrSquirt :You made a mess you filthy slut. Lick it up.

    • July 7 at 10:45pm •

  • jack38 :I imagine she would be mad if it was her sheets lol. Good grief, five or more spurts, thats a lot. It must be hard to aim lol. Must be nice to impress the ladies with a big load.

    • September 26 at 5:51pm •

  • shooter5 :I like Nadia's tan line on her ass as she rides North's cock. Lol being a big shooter I've stained my share of linens. Its not so bad unless its the girls, then they get pissed lol. Its hard to aim when you have five or more big spurts of jizz shooting out of your cock lol. Notice how Nadia says 'good' after mentioning that it was a lot of cum (which I hear a lot lol). Most girls like a guy that can blow a big load. Makes them feel like they earned it.

    • April 22 at 3:21am •

  • jack38 :North hooks up with Nadia here. Its nice to see these new girsl take on the legend. Nadia's reaction to the facail is fun as she is a little overwhelmed. 'Thats a lot of cum' she says at the end LOL. Looks like they'll need a new bed spread too as North fires about two feet over her head with some of his shots and soaks it LOL.

    • August 20 at 1:00pm •