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Information - Monica Rise Gets Fucked Before She Swallows

Monica Rise Gets Fucked Before She Swallows
23:23 min
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  • Marmaduke :She's gorgeous. Spooning it into her, using a spoon to scope out pussy creampie, direct onto tongue, teeth, it is all the same as long as the little creatures are swallowed!

    • September 10 at 3:05pm •

  • slayer2007 :WOW~ She's gorgeous. Great BJ skills, sexy facial expressions. amazing woman. bring her back

    • November 14 at 5:24pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :I hear you. Will try to not stray too far from what's liked.

    • August 1 at 6:05am •

  • Timmee :Thanks Brandon for your reponses. Understood, but the site is Loadmymouth, not Loadmymouthfromaspoon. Please, keep it real in the mouth/tongue like your classic 50 to 1 series!

    • July 31 at 1:28am •

  • Iron_Brandon :Thanks for the feedback, Timmee and RickiRicardo. Sorry you didn't like the finish. I get off on the spoonfeeding from time to time. Not sure why. I figure it's not false advertising if the girl eats everything up.

    • July 29 at 5:25pm •

  • Tommy2Cums :Agree with Timmee. Love how you've stopped talking in the vids cos your questions about whether they've been arrested or not are irrelevant and annoying. But not getting cum in the mouth is flagrant false advertising.

    • July 29 at 4:32pm •

  • Timmee :Hey Brandon, please keep the cumshots in the mouth with tongue out and eye contact! That's the reason why your site is the best!

    • July 29 at 1:44pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :Did Monica get a Rise out of you? Be honest.

    • July 29 at 12:40am •