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Maggie Star
40:59 min
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  • Twister18 :Lol @ 35:56 and 36:58. Poor Maggie is clearly struggling gagging on all that ball slime.....then at the end, she pukes her guts out in absolute disgust. You can tell she was grossed out throughout this entire scene.

    • March 16 at 10:22pm •

  • Vichago :i wish i could see more of these 20+ scenes. bakers dozen just isn't enough. 55...I can't believe it.

    • May 31 at 10:02am •

  • lovedarts180 :how many loads???

    • May 20 at 6:56am •

  • joebulls :it sucks that she couldn't keep it down

    • October 24 at 12:44pm •

  • icetoad :Maggie Star is beautiful, amazing, awesome! She's my favorite pornstar by far and this is her finest scene. If she had all the cum I've jerked out to her, she'd be drinking way more than she did here. I'd love to see her do another scene like! When she pukes, though, she should do so into a salad dish for other girls to pass around and take turns drinking Maggie cum-puke. I was sad to see all that cum-puke go to waste at the end of the scene when they could have done something awesome with it.

    • July 30 at 9:06am •

  • joebulls :its to bad these girls puke it up it would be a hellva lot fuckin hotter if they never throw it up love this stuff

    • March 3 at 12:58pm •


    • December 11 at 12:41am •

  • aidan123 :best scene ever... more like this please.

    • November 4 at 6:55pm •

  • JoeyJeremiah :One of the great feats of pornography, even if she did barf it all back up. What a whore.


    • August 7 at 10:23pm •