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  • jack38 :Damn dude your right. The relief on his face says it all. It must feel crazy good to get that relief for you big shooters. If I ever blew a load like that I think I'd pass out lol.

    • August 15 at 9:19pm •

  • shooter5 :Unique camera angle on the facial. I'm a big shooter like North and it can be pretty intense. Notice how North's face goes from concerned to total relief when he's just about done ejaculating. That sums it up on how it feels for us big shooters lol.

    • April 11 at 8:24pm •

  • jack38 :Fun scene where this chick starts to hit on this guy until North comes in and takes over. He fuxks her in the limo and has an interesting ending. The camera is aimed so we see Lonnie and North's face for the pop shot. Interesting to see North's expression as he watches ten big spurts of cum shoot out of his cock. Most guys would probably in shock, but he has a stoic look of determination. When he finishes shooting both he and Lonnie smile and let out some giggle at a job well done.

    • September 9 at 4:18am •