Video - Lara and Wendy have horny fun!  

Information - Lara and Wendy have horny fun!

Lara and Wendy have horny fun!
16:38 min
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  • urbanknight1 :ha! both are 1st timers. well don't get disappointed. you've both got talent. the pussy-licking was great. I'll be waiting for the next installment where you will hopefully perform some ass-eating.

    • September 29 at 12:41am •

  • urbanknight1 :too bad. Laura is such a beauty and this is her 1st vid on this site. I was hoping to see wendy eat Laura's ass. Laura came close to eating wendy's. maybe next time.

    • September 29 at 12:39am •

  • urbanknight1 :Great pussy-eating. no ass-eating. missed opportunities beginning at 10:00 and 12:00. when you tease you shouldn't disappoint...when you tease you must please...

    • December 4 at 8:36am •