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Information - Kimberly Kendall Swallows after a Killer POV Blowjob

Kimberly Kendall Swallows after a Killer POV Blowjob
14:46 min
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  • JohnnyGetsOff2This :Couldn't have typed it better myself, Brandon. You da man, ha.

    • February 11 at 5:10pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :I'm only interested in doing things with partners who truly enjoy it. Nothing gets accomplished if both people aren't onboard.

    • January 31 at 5:06am •

  • rbb5251 :that's unprofessional in my opinion!

    • January 30 at 11:04pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :Simple...some girls are not into it. More than a few have stopped me from worshipping their feet. Different strokes for different folks.

    • January 29 at 8:18pm •

  • rbb5251 :brandon why do you do foot fetish stuff only with some girls and not others? You should do it with all of them in my opinion, Im a fan!

    • January 29 at 5:53pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :Luvemcurvy: Yeah, man. For sure. I prefer letting the lady finish me, too. I'm trying not to get stressed on the shoots and let whatever happens, happen.
    YoungDick: I'm not sure of her heritage, sorry. Love her exotic look and amazing body.
    Fakename123: I think she is fairly new but she should have other performances out there.

    • January 29 at 4:55pm •

  • fakename123 :amazingly beautiful girl, great scene. searched for her on the internet and got nothing. is this her 1st vid?

    • January 29 at 4:07pm •

  • Tommy2Cums :Hey Brandon, any idea what country she's from? She looks Indian?

    • January 29 at 2:35pm •

  • luvemcurvy :LOVE how you let her finish you in her mouth! much hotter than the jerking off

    • January 29 at 1:08pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :Si! Si! Si!

    • January 28 at 9:59pm •

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