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Information - Kaylee, the Brunette Cutie, Fucks and Swallows

Kaylee, the Brunette Cutie, Fucks and Swallows
22:35 min
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  • Iron_Brandon :The music was from a DJ site. I had it in my iTunes but don't have it anymore, sorry. I started using other music that I hope you will like from Freek Van Workum.

    • August 18 at 10:13pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :Cool, BorisBoombastic. Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback. I learn from the good and the bad. The truth is that most ladies find it a chore to work with me and I'm becoming increasingly aware of it. Kaylee and I had a connection of sorts, so it's scenes like this one that bring back good memories. I know she enjoyed our time. I would shoot real women like her any day of the week over the flavour of the month who believe their own press releases, which they wrote.

    • August 18 at 10:09pm •

  • BorisBoombastic :Oh, btw, before I forget, where can I get the soundtrack/cd/download? Good music for having.. you know...

    • August 18 at 8:09pm •

  • BorisBoombastic :Loved this scene Brandon. Two human beings having sex and go for it. Very natural. I only quickscanned this one if have have more time I watch it in full. End scene is very cool when she's dancing with her clothes on. She's natural. I find your European stuff way better than the US scenes anyhow. More natural, more original. It looks like these scenes are more relaxed. Ok, some people don't like one camera positions and like everything in close up with cut scenes. Doesn't bother me with this one

    • August 18 at 8:04pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :7 people have favorited the scene. Different strokes for different folks.

    • August 15 at 8:10pm •

  • jonbones :Hey you can't hit home runs all the time most of the stuff is great.

    • August 15 at 5:51pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :The only debt I have is a big debt of gratitude, Ricki. Thank you.

    • August 15 at 5:41pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :Sorry you guys didn't like it. Honestly, it's one of my favourite scenes of the past couple years.

    • August 15 at 5:38pm •

  • jonbones :Probably one of the worse videos you've done.

    • August 15 at 5:31pm •

  • Tommy2Cums :I kind of understand why you're the world's most in debt and broke male pornstar.

    • August 15 at 4:25pm •

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