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Information - Why does Katie love cum so much?

Why does Katie love cum so much?
22:14 min
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  • Twister18 :One of the nicest butts I have ever seen.

    • August 29 at 10:04pm •

  • fisbone1 :Was ist das denn, die kotzt fast nach der ersten Ladung, hier gehts doch ums Spermschlucken. Ihr müßt ihr schon Gelegenheit geben zu üben, immer wieder in den Mund spritzen, bis sie sich langsam daran gewöhnt. Das war doch früher bei Brandon auch so.

    • October 29 at 7:06am •

  • Guzzler :She loves sperm alright, its just that guy hit her tonsils and threw her off stroke. Lovely tits. You can see she's sperm fed. Nice ass too, quite a package in fact.

    • October 3 at 1:27am •

  • jack38 :LOL Looks like Katie needs to work on some cum swallowing based on her reaction. She gets it all down and says she wants more next time, I hope she gets her wish lol.

    • October 2 at 11:24am •

  • numbdigger :haha she must need money

    • September 30 at 1:30am •

  • piratebob :She is so fucking hot! I want this all on her face though not in her mouth. Goo up those eyes and hair

    • September 29 at 7:33pm •

  • Donald0921 :Katie is a charming and fun gal, made this scene enjoyable to watch! Yes she did have a hard time getting the cum down but can you really blame her? LOL

    • September 27 at 2:09pm •

  • Neumex :She was good, but not really sincere in her cumswallowing

    • September 27 at 12:06pm •

  • SpeedBoy :that's a good one...

    • September 27 at 8:23am •