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She's definitely a spitter...
05:23 min
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  • bigshooter :Interesting scene with cute Kandi. She shows off her nice ass then skips the cock sucking and he's fucking her doggy style. She does lick his balls a little right before he cdumps his load in her mouth. Kanid appears to do the wretch and release but he catches her before she spits it out. Looks like she swallowed some of it at least as she clearly isn't use to swallowing jizz. She needs lots of practice.

    • February 12 at 9:55am •

  • Tempus :Can someone explain to me how she managed to not suck dick? The scene seems lacking without it.

    • February 7 at 11:12pm •

  • jack38 :Kandi is cute but tries to get out of swallowing. He catches her trying to cheat and gets her to choke it down lol. She needs to do a sperm cocktail espiode.

    • August 25 at 11:33am •