Video - Jasmine Byrne passes an oral exam!   Exclusive

Information - Jasmine Byrne passes an oral exam!

Jasmine Byrne passes an oral exam!
07:02 min
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  • steelfist9 :lol why do you care what she thinks about us troops in afghanistan. That was very odd by you.

    • April 27 at 10:52am •

  • Karlmarx :Yes, Steelfist9, people r prone to exaggerate just a tad, with comments such as yours, ie, shagging porn star , Miss J,Byrne, until such time that her pussy hurts. Get real mate, she is a porn star.The lady has consumed penises of all sizes & in multiples at the same time.
    Personally, I would just rather ask her if she was in favour of US troops being pulled out of Afghanistan.

    • November 22 at 3:36pm •

  • steelfist9 :Oh, man, I would screw this girl so hard. I would do her hard enough to were her pussy would hurt afterwards. I know people exaggerate when they say so and so is the best, but this girl is honestly the hottest girl I've ever seen in porn.

    • October 27 at 8:44pm •

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    • October 27 at 8:32pm •

  • Guzzler :Oh great, my fantasy, short-skirted girls in the office! Two loads this reel.

    • October 19 at 2:05am •

  • JoeyJeremiah :brilliant.

    • October 13 at 10:38pm •