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Kim and Goldie
10:48 min
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  • shooter5 :Pretty funny facial as the guy just unloads in both girls faces and down their throats. That girls expression is pretty damn funny lol.

    • April 11 at 12:41pm •

  • jack38 :Ok scene with a pretty good ending. Had to watch a couple of times because the cumshot is so fast. Both girls get in position he tells him here it cums and fires. The first shot hits the girl on the left, second on goes between them, and third one fires into the girls mouth on the right. The fourth goes right down the throat of the first girl the he fires shot five and six into the mouth of the other girl. The girl on the right gives him a 'what the hell look'. It all happens in 4 seconds.

    • August 19 at 3:52am •