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Gina Ryder
09:17 min
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  • CluelessIdiot :I like POV fine. What I hate are the jacking-himself-off finishes on her face. You have a beautiful chick there, let HER do the finish.

    • July 13 at 2:44pm •

  • MrHandy :If producers keep listening to the idiots on the comment boxes the only thing they'll do is turn off "normal" customers with all the weird stuff that keeps getting incorporated into the regular porn...........i don't want to see some girl using her feet on a dudes cock or wearing some stupid outfit (BE Completely NAKED). Also, i actually like when the girl looks in the camera (it's called POV)

    • May 1 at 6:19pm •

  • greenpervert :i totally agree with blill

    • January 31 at 7:02pm •

  • blill :Attn Porn Producers: Having the girl look directly into the camera is totally unnatural. please stop doing this.

    • July 9 at 12:48pm •