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Information - Pop Shot Rewind For February 2010!

Pop Shot Rewind For February 2010!
16:55 min
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  • JoeyJeremiah :oh no sorry, scenes where they struggle w it are my very favorite actually. i just prefer to see them take the hard swallow than drip-dodge half of it onto the floor.

    • May 27 at 3:19am •

  • Iron_Brandon :Different strokes for different folks. Personally, I like to see a girl struggle with a lot of cum. I also like seeing a girl make it look easy....cuz I don't believe it is. Not at all. It's all just a performance and some women bite off more than they can chew....literally.

    • May 25 at 12:57pm •

  • JoeyJeremiah :re:eva, i think people check this site to see cum swallowing. if theyre struggling to where they drip half of it out have them swallow! who gives a fuck if its all at once(and half spat out)

    • March 1 at 12:38pm •

  • lordvalefar :i like the compilation! thanks to thinking about my hard drive ;)

    • February 28 at 12:14pm •