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She Goes Ga-ga for Gonzo
13:33 min
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  • bigshooter :Cute and sexy Ellis gets fucked and swallows a load. I think she liked swallowing just wasn't sure if she was suppose to or not lol.

    • March 10 at 2:14pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :Cool. Thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure how Ellis felt about swallowing. There wasn't really a whole lot of communication. Still, I think a little chemistry was made. Good times. Feel free to leave feedback on any other scene. If I don't catch it or reply, write me at Thanks!

    • May 11 at 3:19am •

  • lovWhenSheSwallows :for a moment there it looked like she did not want to swallow? and the way she kinda ran to the restroom?? she is beautiful and I hope she returns to do another swallow there have been a few girls that did not care 4 her first swallow but then returns to swallow a lot more! I hope she does return maybe to do S.C. or L.M.M. again. She reminded me of WWE Diva Maryse who is also a Hot Blonde Babe who will probably never do porn, unfortunately. at-lease we have Ms Ellis. :) thank U Ellis.

    • May 7 at 11:08pm •