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Information - Dianna Dee - Taste Me and I'll Taste You Back

Dianna Dee - Taste Me and I'll Taste You Back
21:08 min
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  • notaddictedtoporn :Brandon you do excellent work and I know you can't please everyone. I miss the style of your 2007 era shoots - awkward interview, step by step removing of clothes, often just street clothes, doggy style asshole shot and anal sex line of questions, blowjob, doggy, and finish with a shot right on the tongue. I am not a foot guy, I like when girls rim you and not the other way around, and I skip through the dancing and house music. Just my two cents, keep up the great work, it is all great :)

    • October 10 at 11:59am •

  • Iron_Brandon :Sometimes I wonder if guys want to see more foot action or not. I'm into it but some people don't enjoy it.

    • October 9 at 8:38am •

  • IronFan :More footjobs!

    • October 9 at 3:44am •

  • Iron_Brandon :I hear you. I think I just like rooting my snoot in places it hasn't been before, that's all.

    • October 6 at 7:07pm •

  • ooohhhhsnap :I disagree. If it were another girl eating another girl's ass, I'd be into it. I have zero desire to watch a man eat a woman's ass.

    • October 6 at 6:24pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :Thanks for the feedback, FenderBender.

    • October 4 at 7:21am •

  • Iron_Brandon :Apologies for the soft focus in parts of the handheld footage. It was the first time I tried using my DSLR camera and I'm a little slow on the uptake. Will try to improve.

    • October 3 at 1:05pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :Dianna Dee has an ass you want to feast on. Enjoy her.

    • October 3 at 4:09am •