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Demi Fairbank
13:41 min
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  • shooter5 :Demi has a great body and the facial is a classic with her reaction. I never even noticed the 'Eeeewee' she says at the end until you pointed it out, classic lol.

    • April 11 at 12:37pm •

  • ILC82 :Classic facial!

    • January 21 at 7:44am •

  • jack38 :Classic scene here with a real fun ending. Demi has a great body and her ass looks great as she rides North's cock. Demi isn't a big fan of the facial North gives her as she tries to move her head to cover. Its not one of his best pops but her reaction is priceless. After he's done shooting her asks her if she wants a towel. She shakes her head in the affirmative and the both giggle. North tries to get some clean up for his cock but Demi makes a yucky face and says eeewww. LOL

    • August 18 at 12:50pm •