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Information - Delilah Strong

Delilah Strong
47:36 min
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  • brizio :lovely liquid sperm. the best video

    • August 23 at 6:15pm •

  • brizio :the best.
    lovely liquid sperm

    • August 23 at 6:15pm •

  • Guzzle :Lovely scene. Worth a rerun after this time

    • August 2 at 1:31am •

  • Iron_Brandon :I'm a huge fan of Delilah. Not many women perform like her and she entertained everyone on set that day. It's as close to perfect as anything I've shot.

    • May 25 at 1:11pm •

  • trunk :To DrHosem: I think you're being too critical. She receives a dozen loads on the face, quite a few big ones in the mouth too, swallows it, then scoops of her face and swallosw that too. I there's a girl that is not a spitter it's Delilah Strong. Wish there would be more scene's like this.

    • April 18 at 9:12am •

  • DrHosem :The whore closed her mouth when Mandingo came on her face )-:
    I don't care that much if they swallow as long as they don't make a point of spitting it ALL out but to not open your mouth and stick out your tongue like a cum loving greedy whore is almost a sin. WTF was she thinking?

    • March 28 at 11:26am •

  • Iron_Brandon :I'll try my best.

    • February 13 at 4:58pm •

  • trunk :Swallow contest between Chelsie Rae, Delilah Strong and Ruca Page please :-)

    • February 1 at 6:43pm •

  • trunk :Brandon Iron rules!

    • February 1 at 6:39pm •

  • trunk :One of the best scenes here. She's awesome.

    • December 28 at 2:06pm •

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