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Information - Slutty bitch sucks dick.

Slutty bitch sucks dick.
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  • bigshooter :Power to his balls!

    • March 24 at 11:50am •

  • bigshooter :Delilah gets a big mouthfull of jizz to swallow here.

    • March 2 at 5:49pm •

  • trunk :Her best scene on this site is still this old one though:

    Taking so much in the face, then swallowing for loads and cleaning up her face and swallowing the rest.

    • February 7 at 12:06pm •

  • jack38 :Power to his balls indeed lol. Damn that guy's balls are always full becuase he always blows a huge load.

    • November 22 at 1:56pm •

  • Master64 :Wooooaa..yeah, Guzzler, 11 shots from one guy, after 8th shot, he runs out of power, so the remaining cumshots don't make it to her mouth, it was hard to do it anyways..the semen was really thick, and slimey.

    • November 8 at 10:23pm •

  • fisbone1 :Delilah ist eine angenehme Spermasau, die anständig mit dem Schleim gurgelt, professionell den Kopf nach hinten hält, dass nichts rauslaufen kann und kurz und schmerzlos runterschluckt. Man könnte ihr ruhig noch mehr Ladungen anvertrauen.

    • October 29 at 6:58am •

  • Guzzler :Five loads and most of them enormous. I counted the fourth guy and he spurted 11 times. Well done fella, power to your balls!

    • October 27 at 2:47am •

  • nonenonen :Awesome video. Delilah takes the cum like a champ!

    • October 26 at 6:33pm •