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Information - Courtney Taylor Grants the Guys' Wishes for Blowjobs

Courtney Taylor Grants the Guys' Wishes for Blowjobs
31:25 min
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  • Jay90 :The scene is great but it gets cut off abruptly at the end.

    • May 28 at 12:12am •

  • Mr_Pink :Another Masterpiece!

    You guys that dont like this should watch lame ass chico wang flicks

    Thank you for keeping the dream alive Brandon! I bought every A Good Source of Iron as they came out, hands down my all time Favorite series.

    • December 13 at 5:23am •

  • awesomness :wiiiiiiiiiiiiicked.

    • February 12 at 5:44pm •

  • chance :i haven't had a membership in awhile but brandon i would have to say you should stop apologizing to these skeezes. they are complaining about cumshots, get real. life isn't all about cumshots. you do a good job brandon.

    • November 1 at 1:33am •

  • Iron_Brandon :I'm sorry you did not enjoy the scene. Please understand that the name of the site is The idea behind the site was that the girls would drink the loads. A martini glass was used for many scenes. Some people prefer it one way while others prefer it another way. You can't please everyone and I don't try to.

    • September 7 at 6:18pm •

  • Pjotr :Please cum in the girls mouths. Have her play with and show the cum for a while too before swallowing. Hell, swallowing isn't that important, watching her drool it out is sexier.

    This scene is such a waste, such a stunning girl only to have guys cum in a glass instead of her mouth?

    • September 4 at 9:29pm •

  • Pjotr :Do people really prefer to see guys cum in a glass and then just drink it instead of having the guys cumming in and filling up her mouth? That's how it should be. And the girl should show and play with cum for a while before swallowing. Hell, swallowing isn't that important, seeing her drool it out is hotter.

    This scene is a total waste for me. Such a beautiful girl and not cumming in her mouth is such a shame.

    • September 4 at 9:25pm •

  • thefan :iamme is correct, something went wrong in the editing of this clip. It abruply ends in the middle of the 2nd scene. I notified tech support 5 days ago and have not received a reply.

    • September 4 at 3:06am •

  • Iron_Brandon :Maybe he couldn't handle her mouth...?

    • September 3 at 7:09pm •

  • iamme :I like the scene. And wow, same amazing cock sucking at 16:46. I think the blowjob at the end with Johnny was cut off short accidentally.

    • August 30 at 7:35pm •

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