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Cherry Kiss Figures Him Out
25:55 min
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  • Iron_Brandon :Sounds good, Boris. I'm in!
    P.S. Wait until you see Mira Shine dance. Her update is Feb. 4th, 2013. Enjoy.

    • January 29 at 8:32pm •

  • BorisBoombastic :Your Eastern Europe stuff is still the best Brandon, as long as you treat em nice, you create the most enjoayable scenes to watch. Her dancing might be not that good as Jessica's but a relaxed scene it is. If you visit the Netherlands I could show show you the best clubs around (at least if you like beer and girls)... Forget about the RLD in Amsterdam (saw it on your blog), you ain't have seen nothing yet ;)...

    • January 18 at 9:09am •

  • Iron_Brandon :Enjoy Cherry Kiss, Romania's top porn star!

    • January 17 at 3:50am •