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Brijaye Love
23:59 min
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  • bigshooter :Brijaye does a great job here as she ends up swallowing 17 loads. She start off with five backed up guys as they fill her mouth with huge thick loads. She's a little shaken but swallows it all down with a gag and a grimace lol. Then she gets her pussy and ass pounded swallows a load. Moves on to five more loads and swallows. Then wraps up with six final loads and a swallow with a grimace. She's spent by the end but well fed with plenty of vitamins lol.

    • February 17 at 8:53pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :This scene was shot in one day....true! So much cum for one little lady!

    • June 6 at 2:46am •

  • chance :sexdemon!

    • June 19 at 1:38am •

  • chance :EVIL!

    • June 19 at 1:38am •

  • chance :evil

    • June 13 at 4:08pm •

  • JackHandy :YUK..looks like Gia Palomas sister..

    • June 2 at 4:26pm •

  • DrSnow :she's got a big freaking mouth which makes her swallow a huge amount of load in one sitting. Hot!

    • October 25 at 7:40pm •

  • jack38 :Brijaye struggles to get the loads down her but she manages to swallow a few good mouth fulls. Its fun to watch her expression as she does her best to swallow all the loads with out losing it lol. Nicely done.

    • August 25 at 11:44am •