Video - Peter ends it with a spectacular triple cumshot!   Exclusive

Information - Peter ends it with a spectacular triple cumshot!

Peter ends it with a spectacular triple cumshot!
17:59 min
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  • MasterofBeauty :One of the best scenes ever. I love all three of these ladies!

    • September 5 at 2:44am •

  • lovWhenSheSwallows :3½ stars. would have been 5 stars if each her took a wad or 2 of Peter's load right in there mouth shown it then all 3 would swallow.

    • September 2 at 9:28pm •

  • shooter5 :Classic North and Jewel scene. One of the best facials too.

    • October 8 at 1:18pm •

  • dgoode :This is another example of how Peter took it to another level whenever he performed with Jewel...his girlfriend of the time. He drills with more of a purpose than usual, and she got the best face blasts of the North Pole series (check the others out)

    • August 25 at 1:24am •

  • jack38 :Classic scene here with a classic ending. Jewel rides North with her tight littl ebutt showing and he says he's going to cum. All three girsl line up next to each other and North unleashes a huge load making sure he hits each girl in the face several times. With all the girls faces sticky with cum Jewel cleans him up nicely. Classic.

    • August 23 at 2:38pm •

  • F150Master :WOW this is a old video. I remember when this was loaded, I am surprised to see this in the featured section on the home page. Peter is always like a firework show always a great grand ending.

    • August 6 at 11:10pm •