Video - Two horny bitches get fucked!  

Information - Two horny bitches get fucked!

Two horny bitches get fucked!
32:53 min
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  • peskysushi :series of cliched scenes culminating in a predictably unerotic cum spitting held together by terrible over acting and worse direction.

    • November 7 at 12:01pm •

  • urbanknight1 :Pretty women who are also very sexy. Its hard to beat that combo. These women take a man where he wants to go. Beautiful bodies, the most erotic fucking positions, great sexual energy..I love the analingus, both have erotic asses. I love the sexual energy displayed in the feet and toes, after they lose the stripper shoes (I hate those things; they obscure the beautiful sexy feet)...

    • October 12 at 5:06am •