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Anna Nikova
14:05 min
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  • FootwearSmallMedium :nice you look so good in this video and you wore footwear

    • March 19 at 12:53pm •

  • JohnnyGetsOff2This :Hahah she def. cheated on the swallowing but she's 1 of the better cock suckers for sure.

    • April 7 at 4:48pm •

  • Gonzo :I don't think she swallowed. Sad. Would have been hot otherwise. In No Cum Dodging she swallowed a lot so not sure why she seemed to have an issue here.

    • March 19 at 11:11pm •

  • bigshooter :Didn't swallow. Just kept it inside her cheek. but she tasted it more that why probably lol.

    • February 21 at 10:50am •

  • iamme :Anna definitely looks hot with dark hair. Extremely hot scene.

    • December 10 at 2:55pm •

  • luvthedrool :This is one of my favorite scenes because of the drool. I luv seeing women take a lode and then letting it drip back out.

    • March 26 at 12:07am •

  • lovWhenSheSwallows :I would guess she did eat the first wad but the one she let spill out I do not think so. maybe your hand smelled funny to her?? just a guess. Maybe keeping a "spoon" near by just in case would be handy.

    • March 19 at 11:44pm •

  • dumbass25327266 :now thats a full grown woman!

    • October 12 at 5:59am •