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Information - Black bitch sucks loads and loads!

Black bitch sucks loads and loads!
33:19 min
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  • jack38 :Alex looks good here. She struggled with the firts load in the begining with some gagging and a sperm burb but she got it down. I thought she would have more trouble at the end but she handled it well. The last guy did get her good and had great aim getting all his jizz in her mouth even with her moving. Her mouth was full after that load lol. She gulps it all down quickly and her reaction after wards is pretty funny lol. Overall good job for this newbie.

    • March 10 at 2:49pm •

  • Guzzler :I see this is Alex's first shoot. She has some promise, that lovely big mouth of hers begs for more than five loads. I love it when a girl swalllows her loads smoothly without gulping, like the cat that got the cream. But I also like it when they are like Alex and suddenly realise what they are doing and gulp it back. BTW that last guy is terrific, I counted ten spurts straight onto Alex's tongue!

    • November 9 at 2:26am •

  • Martin110 :This was a very good Sperm eat bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can you make a Movie with this Girl with a very creame and more Spermcocktail?
    Creame make with a Kitchenmaschine!!!!!!!!!!
    Thi s where a very good Movie!!!And she eate the Spermcreame???

    • November 8 at 2:33am •