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Information - Alektra was nervous....but not now!

Alektra was nervous....but not now!
45:41 min
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  • massivefacials :Incredible scene, she gets totally blasted. If you stop it at 43:19 you get a good clean look at how every girl's face should end up after a blowbang. If you don't end up that covered, you did not do your job well enough.

    • January 4 at 1:33pm •

  • Twister18 :Looks like she was about to yak her guts up at the end as she was globbing all that baby batter in her mouth.

    • March 20 at 9:56pm •

  • cbzillia :Seriously, Alektra is such a hot bukkake slut. This girl gets serious props for the amount of nut all over her pretty face. WOW. Just call me next time you need a sperm donor. I'll jerk off all over you.

    • June 28 at 10:10pm •

  • TheBrain :What a mess she made for herself. Amazing!

    • January 8 at 11:32pm •

  • TheBrain :Fuck thats hot!

    • January 8 at 4:38pm •