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  • Twister18 :Jeez....I don't know how she held down 11 loads of ball snot. Looked like she was going to lose it as each load glopped in her mouth, especially at the end. Poor girl had to of thrown up after this.

    • May 25 at 11:50pm •

  • bigshooter :Great job by Alektra here. Starts off with her ass in some nice see through panties. She gets 11 huge loads to swallow here. Number 9 at 12 minutes was a beast with 9 spurts. Then a guy builds up a load and number 10 lets loose with a bigger beast with 12 spurts into her mouth. Alektra starts to have some trouble but hangs in here for the last load and swallows it all in one big gulp, great job. I laughed thinking how relieved those guys must be after emptying their full backed up balls lol.

    • February 23 at 6:41pm •

  • cbzillia :WOW Alektra. You really love giant nut in ur prett mouth. What a fuckin cum whore!

    • January 16 at 11:45pm •

  • drumcode :Best video on SC. You're the best Alektra!

    • February 2 at 3:09am •

  • Guzzle :11 by my count too. Sexy Alektra!

    • December 26 at 9:40am •