Video - Redhead Babe Alexia Nicole Swallows Bunch Of Loads From Martini Glass!   Exclusive

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Information - Redhead Babe Alexia Nicole Swallows Bunch Of Loads From Martini Glass!

Redhead Babe Alexia Nicole Swallows Bunch Of Loads From Martini Glass!
39:37 min
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  • lovWhenSheSwallows :I give this one 5 stars. Ms Nicole is a Dreamgirl

    • September 24 at 8:06pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :dan23: Sorry, I don't know Alexis Golden but hope to meet her. In my experience, there are always going to be more talented women than opportunities.
    Guzzle: Glad you enjoyed it.

    • May 25 at 12:53pm •

  • Guzzle :These were massive big loads too! Alexia got thoose guys really excited. Sexy girl!

    • May 15 at 1:16am •

  • dan23 :Thanks for asking Debi, Brandon - shame she's retired from performing! Have you asked Alexis Golden? I've asked her on another forum and she said she would definitely be up for doing a spermcocktail scene.

    • May 12 at 12:57pm •

  • Iron_Brandon :Glad you guys liked Alexia and I agree it's nice to see a newbie do so well. Good for her! It makes the shoots more fun for everyone on set. RE: Debi Diamond. I asked her but she informed me that she is done performing for the time being. Sorry. She started producing some content herself though so she is still very much active.

    • May 12 at 2:19am •

  • DrSnow :she gives great BJs. the only thing she could've done better was gargle & maybe open wide b4 she swallow.

    • April 22 at 1:06pm •

  • dan23 :Now THIS is what I call a good Spermcocktail scene! More American girls drinking cocktails of cum like this is what I want. I appreciate things are tight, but if only you could manage to get some older women (Debi Diamond, Alexis Golden, Rachel Love for a start) to mix things up a bit? If this means cutting back to one big scene a month, then so be it. I'd still pay!

    Well done on this scene, though Brandon!

    • April 21 at 1:05pm •

  • watcher99 :So Great!! Now that wasn't so hard to do Johnny! Thanks for a hot chick who was actually into doing the scene for once in a long time.Most of them you could see the paycheck in their eyes.More More More

    • April 20 at 12:03pm •

  • sufy :Love it!

    • April 19 at 11:47am •