• Taylor Rain

    Taylor Rain


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Body 9.27
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Personality 9.35
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Performance 9.45
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  • Average scenes rating: 9.38
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Taylor Rain

  • Also Known As : Taylor Raine
  • Ethnicity : Caucasian
  • Nationality : U.S.A  
  • Year Of Birth : 1981
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  • NxtLoad :This loads for you!

    • December 13 at 12:19am •

  • NxtLoad :Taylor Rain is the epitome of a porn Queen. She is totally perverted with fantastic body and with absolute ease can handle any amount of cock or dildo.

    • November 6 at 1:41am •

  • NxtLoad :I have watched 75(at Least) Taylor Rain flicks and every single one is a journey into decadence. This loads for a perv who defines a porn star!

    • July 21 at 6:36pm •

  • NextLoad :As a perverted slut she has no equal as well as no limits. Love You!

    • November 10 at 12:54am •

  • srhj23 :I could watch her suck a cock every day for the rest of my life.

    • July 27 at 6:33pm •

  • JackHandy :I don't know her story, but boy is this girl a good way! Almost too cute for porn too...which makes watching her even that much hotter..(I agree though, don't care for her "intense/freaky" stuff, she's great at good ol' fuckin' and suckin')

    • May 30 at 8:06pm •

  • SpaJerker :Freakin hot!

    • May 27 at 5:13pm •

  • WayneBrandywine :So smokin' hot. Not much she won't do...except other chicks. Strange, I know, that a girl would man a half dozen dongs at once and not lick some puss, but to each her own. Still gets big thumbs up.

    • October 5 at 11:08pm •

  • SpeedBoy :One of the most beautiful, best performance,just great,bteathtaking and exciting.
    Taylor is queen of porn.

    • September 24 at 5:25pm •

  • blueboy1 :Best ass in the business. I like her best in straight sex. She does too much wierd stuff.

    • September 6 at 3:56pm •

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