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    Jordan Blue


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Jordan Blue

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  • MeLoveButt :Yeah, I feel like this website has ages wrong for a handful of models. Unless she's been doing crack since she was 12, then there is no way she was born in 1991.

    • August 28 at 12:38pm •

  • DrHosem :evidently she's turned into a crack whore OR something

    • July 25 at 4:46pm •

  • chance :if this lady is 19 im retarded

    • June 9 at 12:57am •

  • lovWhenSheSwallows :Her Body is Smokin Hot! I would love to see her in MORE Swallow Videos! Please. she has that sexy Model look also. she says she loves giving bj's. and she has always swallowed! she became my Dreamgirl when I heard that. :) I agree with her about Girls that Spit. IMO it's like she gives this great BJ and in the end she Spit's out the load to say "you know what? I do not like you anymore".

    • May 7 at 11:45pm •